Jessica Chastain wasn't able to attend one of the numerous Women's Marches that took place yesterday, but she did pay tribute to all the women involved in the demonstrations around the country.

For her first-ever monologue on Saturday Night Live, the 40-year-old actress paid homage to the Women's March and all its participants by singing "You Don't Own Me" with cast members Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong—and we have to say they killed it!

"I'm really excited to be here, especially today because this weekend is the one year anniversary of the Women's March," Chastain explains. "And everyone knows women never forget an anniversary! So today, hundreds of thousands of people were out there for the cause, and they are so, so brave—because it's the worst flu season ever." She has a point there!

Jessica Chastain SNL
Credit: Will Heath/NBC

Chastain went on to say she wishes she could have marched, too, and that's when McKinnon and Strong join her onstage for their own impromptu demonstration. The trio breaks into song, belting out Lesley Gore's classic track.

You've got to see it yourself—they're really good. Check it out in the video at top.

You'd never know it was Chastain's first time hosting the late-night show. She's a natural.