Jessica Biel Gets Real About Being a Working Mom

Let's be honest: a working mother is one of the hardest jobs ever.

Yes, women all around the world seem to manage their duties effortlessly, but that's because we are superheroes—right? Between her upcoming series, The Sinner, where she is both executive producer and star, her restaurant, Au Fudge, and the Rob Reiner-directed film Shock and Awe, Jessica Biel is busier than ever. But her main role is mother to adorable Silas Randall, who she shares with husband, Justin Timberlake.

What's her secret? A little shut eye wherever and whenever she can fit it into her hectic schedule. On Wednesday, Biel got real about how she does it all, sharing a candid snap on social media.

"SPOTTED!," she captioned a photo of her resting in the passenger seat of a car with her shades on. "In her natural state, notice the slack jaw, deep sleep and palpable fatigue of this creature. Yes, it is a working mom." Funny, but true!

Biel's followers immediately took to her comments and revealed that they are dealing with the same exhaustion. "I feel ya girl!," Instagram user @lauraevershall commented. "Currently 3:30 am on a work night and I'm up breastfeeding my son. Wouldn't have it any other way though."

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We suspect that Biel any won't get any actual rest until after The Sinner hits the small screen on August 2,.

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