Jessica Biel Poses for New Beauty Site

Photo: Courtesy of Markt Beauty

Today, Hollywood hairstylist Mark Townsend is launching his brand-new beauty site,, with a little help from one of his celebrity friends: Jessica Biel, a frequent client, who posed for the online magazine’s first-ever “cover.” Mark emailed InStyle from Mexico City—where he’s styling the star as she promotes her current movie, The A-Team—to explain the choice: “Jessica embodies beauty, intelligence, and health . . . She is a risk-taker, and it takes someone with that kind of spirit to put herself out there and be brave enough to be first. I wanted to pay tribute in this first issue to American beauty icons Lauren Hutton, Jerry Hall, and Edie Sedgwick because they have all been such huge inspirations to me, and Jessica is today’s version of these women. She will for sure be recognized as a beauty icon by future generations.” The site combines glamorous shots like those of Biel—a new star “cover” is promised every month—with behind-the-scenes and “how to” videos, beauty tips, and a blog. “Celebrities do have many advantages,” Mark allows, “when it comes to beauty: makeup artists introducing them to new products, or hairstylists teaching them new tricks. I want to share these tips and tricks with my readers. Also, I want to share some of the wild and fun experiences I’ve had with my job, so that readers can get a glimpse at my world. I hope that I can inspire them the way I was inspired by fashion and beauty magazines when I was young.” Click on the gallery for a look at Biel's homage to Sedgwick.

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