Jessica Alba hair
Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic; Heather Kennedy/Getty

It's so long, long hair for Jessica Alba! The 33-year-old is the latest star to chop off her long strands, and joins Kim Kardashian, Margot Robbie in proving that the bob is the most iconic cut of 2015 so far.

Alba took to Instagram to reveal the new cut ahead of an Honest Company event. "Uh oh someone chopped off her hair!" she captioned the snap in which she poses with a mock shock expression. She then posted a further snap with her hairdresser Gianna Andrea, thanking him for the "cute cut." "Love it!" she said.

He returned the favor by re-posting her photo and coined the style "my version of the bob an A-line texturized, sharp silhouette." So now you know what to ask your stylist for if you want to steal Alba's style!

Alba also cut her hair into a short style at the start of 2014, debuting a graduated cut that was shorter at the back and longer around the jawline. Her new look is even more dramatic—and totally worth the plunge.