By Lara Walsh
Nov 07, 2016 @ 10:45 am

We highly doubt that Jessica Alba has ever had a bad hair day in her life, but an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show's most recent segment might change all that.

In Monday's episode, the Honest Company founder headed to the studio to promote her Honest hair care line, and host Ellen DeGeneres got to try her hand at styling the actress's ombre mane.

Things get off to a hilarious start as DeGeneres, acting as Alba's arms, styled the star's oerfect coif according to her instructions. The actress, who is dressed in a purple smock, gets sprayed and covered in mousse, and even gets a blow dry in the clip!

Also, if you've ever found yourself lusting over Jessica Alba's perfectly toned abs and insane bikini bod, only to be dissuaded by the daunting prospect of hitting the gym to get said results, it turns out that you may be in luck.

The mom-of-two revealed during the appearance that the secret to her slim figure is her hilly neighborhood and the art of dressing.

VIDEO: Get That Body: Jessica Alba

""You know how you, like, cover the bits and you know how to do the [pose]. So that's what I was doing," the mom-of-two admitted to DeGeneres of her recent Shape cover.

Watch the clips above to see the entrepreneur's full interview.