By Rita Kokshanian
Apr 21, 2015 @ 8:00 am
Rachel Bujalski

If you're searching for stylish way to give back, Jessica Alba and Lauren Bush Lauren have you covered. The two entrepreneurs have teamed up their respective companies, The Honest Co. and FEED, to create a on-trend diaper bag that helps moms and kids in developing countries. For every FEED + Honest diaper bag sold, one mother and her child will get the micronutrients they need for an entire year. Talk about a purchase you can feel good about.

Rachel Bujalski

The tribal print FEED + Honest diaper bag comes in a gender-neutral color palette and features a removable changing pad that makes it perfect for both mothers and non-mothers alike. “It’s just a great, easy tote,” Alba tells InStyle. “[The Honest Co.'s] core customers are 25- to 35-year-old millennial parents---and whether they have babies or not they can always use a great bag.”

Rachel Bujalski

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As it turns out, the collaboration between Honest and FEED was kind of a no-brainer. “I’ve always been a fan of FEED and the business that Lauren has created,” Alba says. “Finding a need in the marketplace---and really just a need from a social-justice perspective of giving people access to food and then finding a for-profit way to address that---I really admire her for tackling that issue at such a young age and sticking with it and really transforming the way that people see business.”

Similarly, Bush Lauren has been a longtime fan of Alba's: “Honest is such a like-minded company and doing so many great philanthropic things and obviously standing for being environmentally friendly and non-toxic and all of that,” she says. “They’ve just been a company we’ve looked up to.”

The FEED + Honest Diaper Bag is available starting today for $150 on and

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