Moonman Makeover
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Jeremy Scott has dressed every pop star in the business, including BFF Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Rita Ora, and Miley Cyrus. Over the years, the Missouri-born designer has become known for his humor and his ability to turn pop culture references into haute couture, both for his namesake label and, since 2013, as creative director for Moschino. (Think: Perry at the Super Bowl or Ora in a SpongeBob SquarePants sweater dress.) Now he has created a new look for another icon all together: The MTV Video Music Award Moonman.

MTV announced this morning that Scott gave the Moonman a full-fledged makeover. Gone is the silver-bedecked statue of years past. Instead, Scott traded in the standard metallic for a rainbow Technicolor design, and added a peace-sign necklace, a MTV flag that incorporates the look of TV bars, and Scott's Adidas wing sneakers—a classic street style must-have.

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"I love when people are excited about fashion and have fun with it, because that’s the way it should be," Scott told InStyle recently while discussing his new documentary, Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer, out Sept. 18. "It is frivolity. And it is ultimately not a necessity for physical needs. It’s a necessity for your heart. It lifts your spirit. It should hopefully bring you to something else or making you feel something else and bring you to another place in that way, in another mood and enlightened state. I take apart and re-contextualize things in fashion and pop culture, but it’s not something I do with a plan—it’s just my nature. It’s passion and it's trying to make the world a more exciting place."

The makeover comes just under two weeks before the VMAs are slated to air—and the countdown is on. Tune in to see one of Scott's number one fans, Cyrus, host the award show on Sunday, Aug. 30 at 9 pm.