Jeremy Piven
Credit: David Buchan/Getty Images

There's less than four months to go until the highly anticipated Entourage movie hits theaters, and it's safe to say that we're slightly excited to see our favorite HBO stars back in action. InStyle caught up with Jeremy Piven, who plays Ari Gold in the film, at the Bulgari and Save the Children pre-Oscars bash in Los Angeles this week, where the actor dished on—what else—the movie's fashion.

"I think fashion-wise, Domenica Vacca, who did all my suits for the series, we sat down and we knew that we had to make it bigger," Piven says. "The wardrobe kind of has to reflect where Ari is in his life, and he's gone from an agent to running a studio. So it's a different tax bracket. It's a different look and style."

And according to Piven, that includes adding a vest to the suit. "He went for these amazing, aggressive, three-piece suits because I wanted the character to have a lot of movement, so I wanted the blazer to be open and flying with a really nice three-piece vest underneath it." Hey, if anyone can pull of an aggressive three-piece suit, it's Ari Gold.

—With reporting by Brianna Deutsch