By Isabel Jones
Mar 08, 2017 @ 12:00 pm

Ring the alarm: Jeopardy! has officially tapped Beyoncé’s zealous fan base.

On Tuesday evening, the beloved game show threw the Beyhive a greatly appreciated bone when it unveiled a category entitled “Becky with the Good Hair.”

The show’s official Twitter account teased the category a day prior, riling fans with a video of Jeopardy!’s trademark blue screen reading “The Illumi-Naughty,” a parade of animated bees flying across the letters.

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The tweet promised: “If you're a member of the Beyhive, you're gonna have the upper hand in today's game!”

Based on the Internet’s reaction to Tuesday’s Yoncé-inspired category, we’re going to call this a major success on Jeopardy!’s part. Whether they’re trying to appeal to a younger demographic, or just can’t ignore the cultural imprint left by HRH Knowles, we’re so here for it.

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Scroll down below to experience the wonder of the Beyoncé’s (and Jeopardy!'s) most active fans on Twitter and Instagram.