By Andrea Cheng
Updated Nov 09, 2015 @ 4:30 pm

After a decade in the business, Jennifer Meyer's name is practically synonymous with jewelry—her pieces, which embody that elusive aesthetic of being so uniquely special, yet steadfastly classic, have graced the wrists, lobes, and necks of celebrity A-listers, from Jennifer Aniston to Blake Lively. But to celebrate her 10-year anniversary, the designer partnered with Barneys New York (aka the first major retailer to pick up her line a decade ago) to launch—surprise!—a clothing collection.

"Daniella Vitale, the COO of Barneys New York, came up with this idea (about a ready-to-wear collection), and I can't tell you how excited I was," Meyer tells InStyle. "I know how to design jewelry like the back of my hand, but for clothing, the process is completely different. I have a newfound respect for those designers—I don't know how they do it."

Even so, it looks as though she picked it up without a hitch. She started by looking in her closet and highlighting pieces that she has always gravitated toward, like the quintessential denim jacket, soft "old man" cardigans, and striped tees. "I'm an LA girl, born and raised, and I love fashion, but I always look for comfort," she continues. "Honestly, I wanted to design pieces that I wanted to wear every day."

Not surprisingly, that's her very same philosophy for jewelry. But she also credits her love of what she was doing to her brand's success. Her entrepreneurial advice to #girlbosses everywhere? "If you love something and you work really hard, you'll see the benefits of that," she says. "It's so important to trust your creativity, and to trust that people will love what you do if you're true to yourself."

The 12-piece Jennifer Meyer for Barneys New York collection (priced between $125 and $1,025) is set to launch at and Barneys New York stores Friday, November 13. In the meantime, preview Meyer's first-ever clothing collection, below.

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