Jennifer Love Hewitt's Finger Flair: Girly Nail Art Topped Off With a New Ring Band

Jennifer Love Hewitt Nail Art - Engagement Ring
Photo: IKNY/Broadimage; Courtesy

We spotted two new additions on Jennifer Love Hewitt's digits at the Pamper's Love, Sleep, & Play event last night, held at Grand Central Terminal in New York City. After announcing her engagement in June, we couldn't help but notice Hewitt's new thin wedding band adorning her rock, which posed the question: Did she have a secret wedding? And that wasn't her only fun piece of finger flair. Her patterned manicure -- which would be a perfect fit for Oxygen's just-announced nail art reality show, Nailed It — was full of eye-grabbing details. "I went to this nail place and I was like 'Do whatever you want, I just want to feel girly and cute,' and this is what they did," the star told at the event, which featured 3D projections of babies across the very busy Vanderbilt Hall at the terminal. "They're crazy! They're absolutely crazy." But not too crazy, thankfully. Because of the crisp white-on-nude color palette, the effect isn't busy, even with the 3D embellishments. If you want to try your hand at her pattern, swipe on two even coats of beige nail polish to start. Once the lacquer has dried completely, paint on one layer of matte top coat -- the shine free surface acts like primer for your mani to conceal any ridges -- then use a white nail art pen or a striper polish like the version by Kiss Nails ($7; to freehand a pattern. 3D elements are optional, but we recommend pressing them into a layer of slightly-wet polish and sealing them in place with a layer of shiny top coat, as nail glue can be damaging.

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