Jennifer Lopez
Credit: INF photo (2)

Did you love Jennifer Lopez’s outfits on American Idol this week as much as we did? That’s why we caught up with Lopez’s superstar stylist Rob Zangardi to get the inside scoop on her looks. For Wednesday’s competition, Lopez wore an animal print dress and waist-cinching belt by Blumarine and Gucci shoes. “We loved the ease of this dress but the drama of it even more—off the shoulder and the shape of a T-shirt, but the look and feel of a gown,” Zangardi told InStyle. “Plus, everyone loves an animal print!” As for her look for last night’s elimination round, Lopez wore a white vintage dress with textured sleeves designed by Janey Lopaty. “It’s always fun to make a vintage dress look new and modern,” Zangardi said. “The lace detail on the collar and sleeves were really beautiful.” She finished with snakeskin platform stilettos by Christian Louboutin "to edge up the look" and baubles from the Beverly Hills jewelry store Azaara.