Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Dropped $24k on A-Rod's Valentine's Day Gift

It's no Kenny G, but ...

Alex Rodriguez may be the former king of Major League Baseball, but we'd like to argue that he's never been under so much pressure. It seems like every other day the athlete/entrepreneur/Jennifer Lopez-arm candy is batting away rumors that he is planning to propose to his girlfriend of two years.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez lead
Nicholas Hunt

And Ellen DeGeneres certainly isn't helping the situation. Though J. Lo has said in the past that she and her beau are perfectly fine chugging along at their own pace, every time the singer appears on her show, DeGeneres can't help but pop a question about popping the question.

Case in point: Earlier this week, DeGeneresjokingly gifted Lopez a massive clock with her and A-Rod's photo printed on the face. "It's basically to remind him that time is ticking and he should hurry up and propose — or you should propose," she said, eliciting a "ha ha oh, Ellen"-style laugh from Lopez.

But perhaps the host's words actually struck a chord? On Valentine's Day, Rodriguez shared a gift Lopez gave him on Instagram, and it's uh, also a bit of a reminder that time is marching forward: A blinged out new watch.

A Rod Valentine's Day Gift Instagram Embed 

Page Six reports that the Audemars Piaget watch is worth a cool $24,000, which is probably among the more expensive ways to remind someone that the clock is literally ticking, but hey, it's J. Lo.

We don't want to pile on the pressure, Alex, but can you imagine what a J-Rod wedding would look like? We need to make this happen, stat.

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