J.Lo Still Looks Flawless While Getting Dance Lessons from Adorable Toddlers

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

We've yet to see Jennifer Lopez look anything but flawless when showing off her booty poppin' moves, and Monday night's "Toddlerography" class was no exception.

Famed for her legendary dance moves, the "Booty" star proved that she could still learn a thing or two when she stopped over at the Late Late Show for the popular segment. During the show, Lopez got schooled in choreography by a group of adorable, albeit very tough, toddlers, who played dance instructor for the night.

Lopez—who made the special appearance during the Late Late Show's Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special—was hilariously pre-warned about the tots by host James Corden as she warmed up in her ab-baring workout gear. "This class is going to make you rethink everything you thought you know about dance. The instructors are nightmares. Don't even look them in the eye," the British funnyman told her.

Then, with J.Lo's dance hit "On the Floor" thumping in the background, the pair attempted to follow their mini choreographers' leads, as they were instructed to get their cardio in by jumping in place, running laps back and forth across the room, and crawling and rolling on the floor while trying to keep up with a series of new steps. Even the seasoned Latina songstress was stumped for a moment by one adorable girl's particularly tough lead of jumping into a split on the floor and then stretching her leg above her head.

We also got an added dose of cuteness after the action, as the group cooled down with a play date in the ball pit with one of their dance teachers, and the mom-of-two couldn't resist mischievously chucking balls at the tot. By the end of the segment, the star managed to reinforce her status as the ultimate dancing queen by somehow making even the trickiest moves and silliest directives into a dance routine worthy of her Las Vegas residency.

Click here and tune in at 24:00 in the Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special below to watch the pair attempt to follow along with their tiny instructors.

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