Lopez shared a behind-the-scenes video of their first rehearsal.

JLO Shakira Super Bowl
Credit: Getty Images

Once upon a time in a completely different world, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gave the performance of a lifetime during the Superbowl Halftime show. Yes, that was this year.

But before J.Lo sang with her daughter and Shakira showed the world her tongue trill, the pair were practicing their moves non-stop. In a new Instagram slideshow, Lopez is finally sharing those moments with us, including one where she very clearly shows Shakira how to do her famous butt shaking move. In the video, the women are standing with their backs facing the audience as Lopez does the booty move (with ease, I'll add) as she talks Shakira through it. We love a supportive friendship!

In the caption, Lopez wrote, "can’t believe it’s already been 3 months since the #SuperBowlLIV #Halftime Show! So much has happened since then, but I wanted to share a fun peek behind the scenes at our first rehearsal with the dancers and Shakira."

Of course, the halftime performance became infamous almost immediately. While most of the world felt the significance both culturally and historically, others decided that the very booty shake seen above warranted the filing of 1,300 FCC complaints. While neither of the singers ever responded to the backlash, doubling down with new videos gives us a pretty good idea of how they feel.