Is A-Rod a Good Dancer? Girlfriend Jennifer Lopez Has Some Thoughts

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seem like a match made in heaven. They’re both devout Yankee fans, dedicated parents, and career-driven celebs. But there’s just one area of their relationship where we weren’t sure that A-Rod could keep up: the dance floor.

J.Lo is arguably the best dancer of her generation, launching a new TV show, World of Dance, later this month, all about her love of dance. “Obviously I started as a dancer, I know what that feels like to just love to dance. There are so many moments like that on the show and so much amazing death-defying tricks and dancing. It’s awesome. It’s everything I wanted it to be,” she told the Today show Monday morning.

So does her new boyfriend share the same affection for the craft? “He’s a good dancer. He has a great time. Again, one of the things that I love is that he loves to dance and I love to dance,” she said, making the hosts think that she was dancing around the question of whether he could keep up.

“I didn’t say he couldn’t dance. I never said that. No, he can dance. Merengue, he dances all the important stuff for me. When the Spanish music comes on …” she said, putting our fears to rest that A-Rod can likely salsa with the best of them, too.

Lopez also weighed in on which couple nickname she prefers. For the record, it’s J-Rod. “I figured something like that would happen,” she said. But as for A.Lo? “Don’t like that as much.”


The verdict is in, you guys.

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