Jennifer Lopez Is Reportedly Being Sued for $150,000

A photographer is trying to take J.Lo to court over a picture of herself. 

UPDATE 4/22 at 11:50 A.M.: As of Wednesday, it appears the image in question was removed from Jennifer Lopez's Instagram account.


Jennifer Lopez is being sued for $150,000 over an Instagram photo of herself, E! News reports.

According to documents obtained by the outlet, New York photographer Steve Sands is accusing Lopez and her production company Nuyorican Productions for copyright infringement over a photo she posted on Instagram in 2017, claiming she used it to promote her brand without getting permission to post it.

"Defendants did not license the Photograph from Plaintiff for its Website, nor did Defendants have Plaintiff's permission or consent to publish the Photograph on its Website," the lawsuit cites. According to the court documents, the photographer is "entitled to statutory damages up to $150,000 per work infringed."

The lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court by lawyer Richard Liebowitz, who told E! News, "This is an example of celebrities using photographers photographs without permission to brand themselves on social media. The number of likes the photograph receives coupled with their number of social media followers is a tool to commercialize their posts."

Earlier this year, the woman who inspired J.Lo's Hustlers character sued the actress's production company for $40 million, claiming producers attempted to "exploit" her likeness and character for the film.

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