Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Super Bowl Performance Amassed More Than 1,300 FCC Complaints

"Supposed to be a family half time — what we saw was straight porn," one Georgia-based viewer wrote. 

A couple of weeks ago, some loud critics on social media were outraged over Shakira and Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show. Many of them called the show “inappropriate” or "too sexy," citing some of the dance moves during the performance.

This week, we're finding out that their complaints apparently didn’t stop on Twitter. Viewers took their complaints straight to the FCC, amassing more than 1,300 — the majority of which, it bears saying, came from traditionally conservative states.

Most of the complaints focused on viewers’ children and the idea that the Super Bowl is a family-oriented event (because watching people getting tackled to the point of inevitable brain damage is a great American pastime, I guess?) “Supposed to be a family half time — what we saw was straight porn,” one Georgia viewer wrote.

Viewers were also offended by the inclusion of children in the show itself. “To have young girls join the show after Jayla had pole danced & practically showed all of her genital area to the entire nation is disgusting,” a Utah viewer wrote. Shame on you, “Jayla.”

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira - Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A Texas viewer vowed to take his interest in the “vulgar, obscene and totally inappropriate sexual content” ELSEWHERE. “If I want to see vulgar, obscene and totally inappropriate sexual content I will choose a different venue.”

A San Antonio resident had just two words for the FCC: “Jennifer Lopez.”

As “offensive” as many found Shakira and Lopez’s performance to be, the outrage is merely a blip on the pearl-clutch-inducing halftime show radar. When Justin Timberlake inadvertently exposed Janet Jackson’s nipple in 2004, the FCC received 540,000 (!) complaints.

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