Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Very Best Selfie Tricks

Jennifer Lopez Selife
Photo: jlo/Instagram

You can stop relying on filters to help you look #flawless on your Instagram feed—there's an even better way to get those post-worthy shots, according to selfie queen Jennifer Lopez. Forget the fancy effects and get back to the basics, says Lopez, who uses an iPhone to share snaps with her 29.4 million followers. To start, "Hold your iPhone up high," she shared exclusively with InStyle. "It's usually the best angle for most people." But don't stop there: While holding up your phone in front-facing camera mode, "Turn around in a circle until you find the best lighting before taking your photo," Lopez adds.

While we'd be hard-pressed to find an angle where Lopez doesn't look incredible, the rest of us can benefit from a little extra support in low-light scenarios using the Retina Flash on the iPhone 6s. Just launch the camera and tap the flash button to make sure it’s on. A pre-flash will detect the lighting around you, then a True Tone flash on the display will match the ambient light for a shot with more true-to-life colors and more natural-looking skin tones. Oh, and don't forget the art of subtlety: For a quick way to capture a photo in public, press the volume button on your the side of your iPhone so you don’t have to reach for the shutter button on your screen. It'll also work with the volume button on your ear buds. Excuse us while we indulge ourselves.

iPhone 6s
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