Jennifer Lopez Just Paired a Bathrobe With Stilettos and Made It Look Red Carpet-Worthy

Of course she did. 

Just last month, Jennifer Lopez was walking down the streets of NYC in a bathrobe like it was no big deal. Well, she's doing it again, but instead of going all-out loungewear with Ugg boots, she turned the city sidewalks into a runway by pairing the after-shower go-to with sky-high stilettos like only she can. The result? Another look proving that Lopez can wear anything and make it look like a fashion statement.

It wasn't just the stilettos that made the look go from lounge to luxe. They certainly helped, though, thanks to a high-shine metallic finish that mirrored the bling around Lopez's neck. Instead of a lazy-day gray, this particular robe had an inky black color and a fuzzy hood. Not exactly the stuff of Met Galas and movie premieres, but if anyone could pull off a luxe lounge look at an actual big-ticket event, it would be J. Lo.

Jennifer Lopez In New York City - April 24, 2019
Gotham/Getty Images
Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 24, 2019
Gotham/Getty Images

Of course, robe No. 2 isn't a full-on outfit. Like the last time she was spotted in this getup, Lopez was on the set of Hustlers, the New York Magazine article turned movie that just got an official release date that'll make fans super happy. The cast of fierce actors won't hurt, either. Lopez will be starring alongside Constance Wu and Cardi B in what's promising to be a major blockbuster. In addition to her heavy rotation of robes, Lopez has been snapped on set wearing a throwback Juicy Couture tracksuit, a hot pink bikini, and a slew of looks that could be straight from Paris Hilton's aughts donation pile.

Hustlers is set to premiere this fall, but with so many behind-the-scenes shots coming from the set, it's like we're all seeing it right now — not that anyone's complaining.

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