Jennifer Lopez Just Made Our Dreams Come True with This Announcement

As if we weren't already counting down the days until Friday, Jennifer Lopez goes ahead and gives us another reason to look forward to the end of the week. Today, she took to Instagram to announce that she'll be releasing new music, and, in case it's not clear, we're pumped.

J.Lo revealed the news in Spanish along with the single's cover art. "#EsparceAmor... #AMORAMORAMOR estara disponible este viernes en todos lados!!," she wrote on Instagram. In case you need a translation, in English it says, "#SpreadLove... #AMORAMORAMOR will be available everywhere this Friday."

With a title like "Amor Amor Amor" and the sultry cover art, which shows her and Wisin, who's featured on the track, we expect it to be all about love. Will there be a reference to her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez? We'll have to wait until Friday to find out for sure, but one thing's for: It's definitely going to be a jam.

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