Her Instagram brings all the boys to the yard.

By Isabel Jones
Updated Jan 30, 2019 @ 10:45 am
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Jennifer Lopez looks damn good, and her boyfriend (and also ex-boyfriend) knows it.

The triple threat celebrated the penultimate day of her 10-day no sugar, no carbs diet (aka the tenth circle of hell), with a carefree shot of herself in a mauve-toned workout ensemble and matching beanie, glowing like a Becca share-owner who just got back from Equinox.

If it was validation she was seeking, the 2.5 million likes probably got the job done, but Lopez also got a bonus round of kudos when her famous ex, rapper P. Diddy, threw his hat — er, tinted bifocals — in the ring.

Diddy (then Puff Daddy) and J. Lo dated between 1999 and 2001, just long enough to make two red carpet appearances that remain in our cultural consciousness nearly 20 years later and get arrested together.

MTV Video Awards at Radio City Music HAll
Credit: George De Sota/Getty Images

Anyway, Diddy, who remains on good terms with his ex, wrote what we were all thinking in the comments section: “OMG” followed by a heart-eyes emoji.

Lopez’s current beau, retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez, also showed Jen his love on the ‘gram. Though it’s unclear whether A-Rod’s comment was meant as a proverbial chest puff in Diddy’s direction or just a sweet message to his gal, the sentiment remains really sweet. “Lucky me,” he wrote, followed by a heart, baseball, and checkmark emoji — like his heart got a homerun, maybe?

For the first time since Argo, Ben Affleck’s input is actually needed.