"I was very young the first two times I tried to get married."

By Kimberly Truong
Updated Jun 14, 2019 @ 12:30 pm

Jennifer Lopez has been married three times — but she says that out of all those marriages, only one of them really counts.

In a mini documentary about the making of her It's My Party tour, J.Lo opened up about her upcoming wedding to Alex Rodriguez, and discussed her previous marriages to Ojani Noa (whom she married in 1997 and divorced in 1998) and Cris Judd (whom she married in 2001 and divorced in 2002).

"I've been married three times, and once was nine months and once was 11 months, so I don't really count those," she said. "But I was married to Marc [Anthony] for 10 years, with the kids. I was very young the first two times I tried to get married." Lopez was 28 when she married Noa, and 32 when she married Judd.

Lopez also explained that she had previously gotten married because she thought that marriage would help her feel less alone.

"It seems like in this life you're always surrounded by people, you're never lonely—but it's very lonely," she said. "So you always want somebody with you."

"And I felt like if I got married, I felt like I would always have somebody, but that's not how life works," she said, adding that getting married just to have someone around her was "a bad reason to get married."

Nowadays, she seems to be in a much better space, relationship-wise.

Despite cheating rumors earlier this year, J.Lo spoke out about their relationship, saying, "I know what the truth is. I know who [Alex] is. He knows who I am. We're just happy."

"We're not gonna let other people come out and tell us what our relationship is," she added at the time. "I know what our relationship is."