Call him by this name.


Jennifer Lopez and Robert Pattinson may seem like an unlikely pair, but the awards season contenders seem to get along swimmingly — as evidenced by Lopez's casual nickname for Pattinson.

The actors interviewed each other as a part of Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, which pairs two actors for a chat ahead of awards season, and it was during this conversation that J.Lo called Pattinson "Bobby."

Pattinson explained that as an actor, he seeks out parts that allow him to stretch different muscles — such as looking out for a part as a ballet dancer.

"But why? Why, Bobby, tell us?! Is there something fascinating to you about the world of being a male ballet dancer?" Lopez asked him.

There's plenty to unpack here, but let's lay aside our dying wish to see Pattinson play a ballet dancer (despite his own admission that he doesn't know how to dance ballet) for a minute and acknowledge that Jennifer Lopez calls Robert Pattinson "Bobby."

There are, of course, several reasons for this — the most obvious being that "Bobby" is a common nickname for Robert. J.Lo did also say in the interview that she "got to know" Pattinson during his Twilight days, so maybe they really are chummy enough for nicknames (though disappointingly, he does not refer to her by a nickname in the conversation).

But the other, even more interesting explanation, is that Pattinson has, in the past, performed music under the stage name Bobby Dupea. (It's unclear if he chose the name in honor of Jack Nicholson's character in 1970's Five Easy Pieces, Robert "Bobby" Eroica Dupea.) According to a 2011 Guardian interview, the music was of the "solo acoustic guitar gigs" nature.

And with that, we'll just be imagining a J.Lo/Bobby duet.