Jennifer Lopez’s style can range from flirty and feminine to polished and classic or cool and athletic depending on the hour, and according to the singer, her friends even have nicknames for her different lewks. In the new issue of StyleWatch, Lopez says that she dresses depending on how she feels that day.

“People always joke that they get to be around six different Jennifers all the time,” she says. “They call it Barbie—there’s Bronx Barbie when I’m doing my music stuff, or Business Mogul Jennifer when I’m all dressed up.”

Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez gave us a quick lesson on date night dressing while out for dinner with A-Rod in this gorgeous semi-sheer floral maxi gown with burgundy velvet trim. A chain crossbody bag and a pair of matching burgundy heels finished the look.


“It just depends on what I’m doing,” she added. “I dress to how I feel in the moment—my style is an expression of who I am that day, and it changes every day.”

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t stay true to her own personal style. “I have a core of what I like and who I am,” she said. “I like classy, but I like it to be sexy, and I like to feel confident. I have a little bit of Bronx in me, but I also have a lot of couture in me, too. I love the classics. It’s just a mix of everything I’ve been exposed to throughout the years.”

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Considering she’s a singer, dancer, actress, and now World of Dance judge, it makes sense that J.Lo has a ton of experiences to pull from.

One thing is for certain: Her style loves to keep us on our toes.