Stop Holding Your Breath: J.Lo and Marc Anthony Aren't Getting Back Together

Photo: Kevin Winter/WireImage

It's time to let all hopes go that Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony will give love another shot.

Although they sparked rumors of reconciliation when they smooched on stage at the 2016 Latin Grammy Awards last November, the Shades of Blue star set the record straight about their relationship, saying romance for the two of the them is a no-go at the moment.

"Marc and I are good how we are right now," she said during an appearance on The View Friday. "There is a reason we're not together, but we're great friends. We're parents together and we're even working on a Spanish-language album together."

"That has been even better for us because actually, we met working," she continued. "That's where we really are magical, when we're on stage together and stuff like that. That's where we're good and so we leave it there."

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Just in case you need a little emotional comfort after that revelation, J.Lo shared an adorable selfie of herself cozying up to her look-alike daughter, 9-year-old Emme, Friday.

"Me and this beautiful lil marshmallow... #shesstillacoconut #mamasbabygirl#luckyme," the "I Ain't Your Mama" songstress captioned the snap. In it, they both flash smiles as J.Lo cuddles her daughter in a sweatshirt.

During her sit down on The View, Lopez also gushed over her twins, telling the hosts, "They are getting so big. It's hard for me to believe that nine years have gone by since I had them. It flew by. I hate that part. But they're doing really great."

"They're like little gypsy babies that travel everywhere with me," she went on. "They go with me everywhere. They're home-schooled now. Now they're asking to be in school. So we're figuring out our lives day by day, just like everybody else and trying to do the best we can."

"They're amazing," she continued. "They're truly two beautiful little souls who bring joy to me every day."

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