Jennifer Lopez’s First Makeup Product Is Going to Give You the “J.Lo Glow”

Jennifer Lopez 
Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez’s permanently glowing complexion seems to defy time and aging. “How?!” has been always been at the top of our list of beauty questions we’d ask the star.

After trying every liquid and powder highlighter and bronzer combination throughout the years, and failing to get anything as dewy as her skin is in the “Waiting for Tonight” video, we came to the conclusion that she can’t possibly be human.

It turns out that the formula for J.Lo's glowing skin might actually be a secret. Until now—sort of. When a makeup lover in the comments section of makeup artist Scott Barnes’s Instagram post of J.Lo’s look asked what products she was wearing, his answer immediately sent fans into full-on freak-out mode.

Barnes revealed that he used a J.Lo-made bronzer to create her look for World of Dance. “@iv_mua I’m using a bronzer that @jlo is making its pretty amazing!! Shh,” he told the fan. That’s all of the information available right now, but we have no doubts that if anyone can make all of our makeup dreams come true, it’s J.Lo.

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Of course, the Internet hasn’t been able to keep quiet after learning the news. Fans began speculating whether or not the bronzer would be a part of a complete J.Lo makeup line or a one-off collaboration. Either way, considering she has been one of L’Oreal Paris’ faces for years and her signature glow and long, windswept waves are two of the most-emulated beauty looks around the world, a J.Lo makeup line is a long time coming.

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