Jennifer Lopez Out J. Lo'd Herself in This Head-to-Toe Leopard Print Workout Look

There was just one thing missing ...

Jennifer Lopez loves leopard print. Jennifer Lopez loves Birkin bags. Jennifer Lopez loves aviator shades. Jennifer Lopez loves sneakers so pristinely white that it's hard to believe they are currently in use.

On Tuesday, Lopez combined all of these elements into an outfit so delightfully over-the-top that it clearly did not need any sort of lyrical encouragement ("Let's get loud!") from its wearer. The multi-hyphenate's obscenely overpriced leopard print Paco Rabanne leggings and matching cropped track jacket scream J. Lo louder than my Twitter feed during the Super Bowl halftime show. But add a Birkin bag, a pair of Quay x JLo tinted shades (which I'm proud to own myself), diamond studs, a perfectly messy topknot, and some Alexander McQueen sneaks, and you've got a workout look that transcends even the J. Lo-iest of Lopez workout looks.

Jennifer Lopez, Queen of Extravagant Workout Gear, Leveled Up in Head-to-Toe Leopard Print
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Yes, Lopez forsook her signature gold hoops, but that is actually the least perplexing part of this outfit. The true mystery lies in the whereabouts of her most cherished workout accessory: her Swarovski-studded tumbler. Did DJ Khaled return to the Hard Rock to exact his revenge?? We need answers.

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