Jennifer Lopez's Loud Leggings Are the Inspo You Need

Putting the outfit in #fitspo.

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to turning heads when she's getting her sweat on. But she's taken things to a whole new place with her latest gym-going ensemble. She's got the neon Hermes Kelly bag, sure, and she's got the killer abs, but it's tough to tear your eyes away from the crazy leggings she's got on.

Jennifer Lopez Leggings

Vogue reports that the actor, singer, dancer, entrepreneur, and apparent sole individual with access to the fountain of youth took in a workout at SoMi Fitness in Miami. Not only did her over-the-top leggings give everyone a double-take with what appears to be modern art, blue flames, psychedelic photo-realistic images, and who knows what else, they may be the thing to get you out of your black legging rut — or get you back in the gym after lagging on that whole new year, new you thing.

If they're not fashion inspo, the rest of JLo's 'fit is definite everything inspo, from her oversized aviators to her impossibly cool after-gym hair, and, of course, the It-bag-cum-gym bag. It even caught the attention of Andy Cohen, who couldn't help but voice what everyone was thinking.

Add one more bit of unbelievability to this: Lopez is smack-dab in the middle of a 10-day super cleanse, where she's skipping out on carbs and sugar. Looks like it's all paying off, too, if those abs are any proof.

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