Jennifer Lopez Twins with Kendall Jenner in Versace's Iconic Jungle Print

The pair both star in the brand's 2020 ad campaign.

Two decades after Jennifer Lopez first made Versace's jungle print dress famous at the 2000 Grammy Awards, she wore a reimagined version of the gown down the brand's spring runway show last year (and again during her most recent SNL hosting gig). Despite the 20 year gap, the iconic pattern proved to be anything but fleeting.

In fact, it's more relevant than ever, returning to the global stage in the fashion house's 2020 ad campaign. J.Lo — along with the help of Kendall Jenner — brings back the palm-leaf look in a series of updated ensembles, including a pantsuit and a matching skirt-top combo.

“In terms of my career, the Jungle dress really marked a moment in time. To me, Versace represents empowerment and putting something beautiful out into the world. It’s a dream to collaborate with my friend Donatella again on this gorgeous campaign and to create something new and fresh out of a piece of iconic fashion history,” Lopez said about the new ads.

She's not kidding about the history-making power of the dress. After the Grammys, everyone wanted to search for J.Lo's look online, which launched the creation of Google Images. “I am so proud Google Images was invented after Jennifer wore that dress. Today, we celebrate that moment that was possible thanks to this incredible woman!” Donatella Versace said in a statement following the release of the 2020 campaign images.

Much like the jungle print, J.Lo has officially reached legend status.

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