Jennifer Lopez is not here for your photoshop accusations. After posting a snap of her insane abs to Instagram on Thursday, the "Ain't Your Mama" singer became frustrated by fans crying photoshop. Critical 'grammers pointed to a blurry part of the photo on the left side of the 47-year-old's midriff as evidence that the envy-inducing snap had been altered.

"I love you, you're my idol but why is a chunk of ur back missing?" asked one fan.

"You already look great," another wrote. "Why the need to Photoshop?! Goes to show you that fame and fortune can't buy you self-confidence."

But it wasn't all hate. Many fans defended the ageless triple threat, saying that the bur was clearly a smudge on the mirror. Ultimately, J.Lo was forced to weigh in on the debate, and took to the comments herself to clear things up once and for all.

"Omg...Just a smudge on the Photoshop," she fired back, along with a few pointed hashtags, including #gymrat and #lordblessthehaters.

Well, that settles it!