Stripping 101.

The official trailer for the film Hustlers is set to send pulses racing, and it's not just because of the thrilling plot line.

Based on New York Magazine's "The Hustlers at Scores," the real-life story about a crew of strippers who steal from their wealthy Wall Street clientele during the 2008 financial crisis, the movie's visuals feature a sexy cameo from Jennifer Lopez, who plays Ramona, the head of the popular strip club.

In the first few seconds of the clip, Lopez teaches Constance Wu's Destiny how to properly work the pole. "Front hook. Ankle hook. Knee hook,” she says while wrapping her transparent high heel around the pole. "From here you can do the carousel,” she adds, twirling in a circle.

Aside from the pole dancing lesson, J.Lo's character also explains her motives for wanting to rob the club's members in an effort to get the other strippers (Cardi B, Keke Palmer, Stormi Maya, and Lili Reinhart) on board with her plan. “These Wall Street guys, you see what they did to this country?” Ramona tells them. “They stole from everybody. Hardworking people lost everything and not one of these douchebags went to jail.”

“The game is rigged and it does not reward people who play by the rules," she continues. “It’s like robbing a bank except you get the keys. Are you in?”

Jennifer Lopez Visits 'The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show'
Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images

While becoming an overnight pole dancing queen was no easy feat, J.Lo says it was worth it to be a part of the cast. "Learning pole dancing was probably one of the most challenging things I've ever done for a film," Lopez told ET on Tuesday. "But it was worth it. I love this character. I love this story. It's a really gritty New York story with women at the forefront -- the thing actresses dream of -- and to be able to produce it and star in it was very special."

Hustlers hits theaters on Sept. 13.