It was a full 180 from the ball gown she wore to the ceremony. 

Though she didn’t take home a Golden Globe, can you really be Jennifer Lopez and not consider yourself an eternal winner?

For the after-party circuit, the multi-hyphenate star traded the seemingly holiday-inspired Valentino ball gown she wore to the awards ceremony for more characteristic J. Lo fare — i.e. a semi-sheer white romper-cum-gown, complete with detailed embroidery, feathered cuffs, and (naturally) a lot of leg. Lopez’s hair, previously secured in a Maid of Manhattan-style braided bun, fell in glamorous curls from her half ponytail.

The Hustlers star and her MLB alum fiancé Alex Rodriguez shared a glimpse of their CAA after-party looks on Instagram, in a grainy selfie, set in a hotel hallway … No photo booths, CAA?

Anyway, win or lose, it seemed the evening was (mostly) fun for everyone — though a few of those particularly spurned by host Ricky Gervais may not look back on it as such …