There's Nothing Subtle About Jennifer Lopez's Giant Hat

Not the usual J. Lo floppy hat.

Superstar Jennifer Lopez continues to prove that she's got the range. Between filming Hustlers and presenting a master class in throwback dressing, promoting the film in Tom Ford, and working out with bedazzled cups and covetable athleisure, there's a Jennifer Lopez for every mood and occasion. But Lopez pulled out all the stops for one particular Milan Fashion Week look. Page Six reports that Lopez took some time off from basking in Hustlers's glowing reviews to take in a few runway shows. En route, she was snapped wearing a giant hat that coordinated with her head-to-toe pink look.

The outfit was lifted straight from the runways at New York Fashion Week. Designer Sally LaPointe sent the look down the runway just a few days ago on Sept. 10 and Lopez copped look No. 11 right from the catwalk. From the half-clear shoes to the over-the-top hat, everything Lopez wore was exactly what LaPointe presented. There was one slight change, however, as Lopez decided to wear the long-sleeved, flowing wrap top with a little more coverage. On the runway, the model wore the sheer shirt without anything underneath, and while Lopez is no stranger to iconic wardrobe moments, wearing a completely sheer shirt probably isn't something she'd push, even in the wake of Hustlers.

Jennifer Lopez Sally LaPointe Hat Instagram
Jennifer Lopez Sally LaPointe Hat Instagram

The outfit included high-waisted pants with a matching belt and Lopez accessorized the whole look with a Hermès Birkin bag, though it's tough to pull attention from the hat. It's tall, pink, and looks more like something that singer Erykah Badu would opt for, not the usual floppy fedoras that Lopez usually wears.

Lopez is a dedicated LaPointe fan. She's worn pieces from the designer before, including slouchy sweats, sumptuous coats, and sheer tops. It's not unusual for Lopez to take an entire look from fashion show to real life, but when it looks this good, who can blame her?

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