We’re revisiting the last decade in the lives of our favorite Jennifers. First up, Lopez, who just couldn’t stop winning.

By Isabel Jones
Updated Dec 06, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
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Who’s had a better decade than Jennifer Lopez? I mean, it opened with billboard domination and closed with Oscar buzz and a Versace runway. Keep in mind, she still has three whole weeks left to cement her mark on the 2010s. Who knows what Dec. 7-31 will bring … A presidential bid? The erection of her own amusement park? What could be a more fitting rollercoaster anthem than “Let’s Get Loud”?

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Celebrate the J. Lo-iest of the decade’s J. Lo moments below.

Early 2010s: 2010-2013

Career: Though it’s always a good time to be J. Lo, the early 2010s was a particularly prime moment. This was the dawn of “On the Floor” and a whole new Jeneration of party people was gyrating to Lopez (and Pitbull, I guess) across Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, straight to L.A., New York, Vegas to Africa.

In 2011, Lopez further revitalized her image by joining the judges’ panel on American Idol.

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Her Hollywood successes weren’t quite on par with her musical coups at this time, with roles in the critically panned The Back-Up Plan, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and Parker. To be quite honest, those films didn’t deserve her.

Music, movies, TV, what more could this woman possibly do in a four-year span?? Release nine fragrances (nine!), that’s what.

Personal: Though this era marked something of a rebirth professionally, it also marked the end of a pivotal chapter in Lopez’s personal life: her marriage to Marc Anthony.

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After 7 years together, the pair announced their “amicable separation.” And, guys, it really was amicable — they hang out and record music together and everything.

Post-split, Lopez began dating backup dancer Casper Smart.

Fashion: Though Lopez has always stood squarely in the “more is more” fashion camp, she’s consistently found a way to translate elements of sartorial extravagance into classic elegance. In the early 2010s, more than ever, she made a case for this juxtaposition.

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Mid 2010s: 2014-2016

Career: To think, it was only five years ago that Ms. Lopez blessed us with the glory that is “I Luh Ya Papi,” and, to a lesser degree of importance (to me), “Booty.” Lopez also became a best-selling author at this time with her memoir True Love. On the film front, Lopez returned from a two-year movie hiatus with campy thriller The Boy Next Door. Like all the years before and afterward, 2016 was major for the multi-hyphenate — it marked both the debut of her NBC police drama Shades of Blue and her now legendary All I Have Las Vegas residency.

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Personal: Lopez dated Smart on-and-off during this period, and was rumored to have dated longtime Dancing with the Stars performer Maksim Chmerkovskiy and a rapper named Drake (heard of him?).

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Fashion: Always a proponent of the naked dress, during this time Lopez really stretched the boundaries of what was considered a functional clothing-to-nakedness ratio.

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Late 2010s: 2017-2019

Career: Like a fine wine, J. Lo has only improved with age — and so, too, have her creative choices. Though Shades of Blue sang its swan song in 2018, Lopez flourished in other acting pursuits. First, she starred in Second Act, a somewhat formulaic feel-good romantic comedy that was refreshingly much more com than rom. Then, Lopez blew us (and the Academy?) away with her turn as stripper-turned-scammer Ramona in critical hit Hustlers.

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Adding to an already incredible year, decade, half-century, et al., Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday with her commemorative It’s My Party tour.

Personal: Lopez entered a new romantic era when she began dating reformed MLB playboy Alex Rodriguez in 2017. After two years together, A-Rod popped the question while he and Lopez enjoyed a romantic beachside vacation in March 2019. Jen isn’t ruling out having children with her fourth husband-to-be, but last we checked, Rodriguez was working to “unpack” that sentiment.

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Fashion: Jen truly crossed over into sartorial fearlessness during this time, capping off a decade of fashion hits with a new take on a Lopez classic: the plunging green Versace dress.

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The Decade to Come

A wedding! A Super Bowl! An Owen Wilson movie! An Oscar?? And we’re only talking 2020 …