It's not enough to have an all-white dressing room done up with white candles and white flowers (plus room-temperature Evian). Jennifer Lopez apparently demands that her cookies be at the "perfect temperature" and served just so, too. During a segment on the U.K.'s This Morning, host Phillip Schofield explained that before he could conduct an interview with Lopez, she needed to have a cookie warmed up to a specific temperature and have it served with cold milk.

According to The Mirror, Lopez was supposed to be sharing her secrets to looking great at 50. The cookie conniption went down backstage, Schofield said: "One secret J. Lo didn’t mention was her love for milk and cookies."

Jennifer Lopez in New York City - September 26, 2019
Credit: Robert Kamau/Getty Images

Schofield's co-host, Holly Willoughby, added, "More specifically a cookie warmed to the perfect temperature with a glass of full-fat milk, cold."

Schofield concluded, "There was quite a commotion when they worried the cookie wasn’t the right temperature. If you want Jennifer’s real secret to looking fabulous at 50, this is it."

TheDaily Mailreports that the hosts could have just been poking fun at Lopez. The paper says that a source explained that nothing happened: "It's blatantly not true. It didn't happen."

Whether or not Lopez demanded diva-worthy baked goods backstage may never be solved, but who can say no to a warm cookie and milk? If that's Lopez's real secret to staying fit (and not the usual answer that she gave to This Morning's hosts: "Honestly I'm just consistent with trying to take care of myself. To work out even when I don't want to three of four times a week for an hour. Try to get good sleep. Try to have balance."), sign us up.