If there's anyone who can convince you to ditch balayage, it's J.Lo. 

Jennifer Lopez
Credit: David Crotty/Getty Images

It may be a new decade, but this year's hair trends are all about nostalgia. From updos with face-framing tendrils to side bangs, 2020's most popular hairstyles are looks that will take you back to your high school days.

Now, chunky highlights are making a comeback, and the proof is in Jennifer Lopez's latest hairstyle. On Mar. 10 the star may have shared a selfie on Instagram with the intention to show off her neon yellow manicure, but we couldn't take our eyes off of her updo. And yes, while the sleek, sculptural updo J.Lo's hairstylist Chris Appleton created was chic as always, we were more enamored with the star's chunky highlights.

It looks like J.Lo switched up her usual subtle, soft honey blonde balayage for bold, thick highlights. Like getting any style of bangs, stripe-like highlights are a commitment. Unlike balayage, which grows out effortlessly — even if you go too long between color appointments — chunky highlights show a harsh regrowth. So for anyone inspired to try these throwback hair highlights, expect regular trips to the salon for touch ups.

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That being said, if there's anyone who can convince us to revisit '90s chunky highlights, it's none other than J.Lo.