What’s the Deal with Jennifer Lopez’s Black Eye?

Jennifer Lopez - Lead 2016
Photo: Rodrigo Varela/WireImage

Did J.Lo get into a fistfight?

The 47-year-old singer and actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to show off a souvenir from the set of her cop drama, Shades of Blue—a black eye!

Don’t worry, Lopez insists there was no actual fight. In her latest selfie, the fresh-faced mother-of-two frowns into the camera, giving her followers a good look at her bruised right eye. Ouch!

“Sometimes work can be rough...lol ,” Lopez joked in her Instagram caption, following up with a series of explanatory hashtags, “#shiner #blackeye #sufferforyourart #youshouldseetheotherguy #justkidding #nobodyhitme #imalovernotafighter #immafightertoo #youcantputmeinaboxbaby #okimdonewiththehashtags.”

It's unclear whether Lopez's shiner was the product of an on-set accident or the work of a talented makeup artist—for J.Lo's sake, we're hoping it's the latter.

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In the singer's pic, she appears to be wearing a bathrobe, so at least we can assume she's logging some relaxation time ...

Stay safe, Jen!

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