Bikini-Clad Jennifer Lopez Toasting Herself on the Beach Is Peak J.Lo

It’s Jennifer Lopez’s birthday (week) and she’ll slay our Instagram feeds if she wants to.

Lopez turned 49 on Tuesday, and she celebrated with her family (including beau Alex Rodriguez and his two daughters) in what appears to be paradise.

JLo Lead

Being, y’know, J.Lo and everything, no birthday celebration would be complete without sharing a sexy ‘gram with her 77 million (!) followers.

So Jen gathered the fam ‘round and raised a bottle to herself, because, well, she’s J.Lo. Giant gold hoop earrings, a fierce gaze, and a tiny Solid & Striped string bikini (shop it in navy here and here) were of course requisite to the photo shoot.

Coupled with not one but two posts from her MLB star boyfriend, and approximately one bajilion from her diehard worldwide fanbase, we think Lopez’s big day ended up being pretty damn J.Lo-worthy.

When you’re J.Lo, though, isn’t every day kind of your birthday?

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