Jennifer Lopez Admitted That She "Loved Getting" Her Pink Engagement Ring From Ben Affleck

She once bonded with Barbara Streisand over the giant diamond.

Like the best of us, Jennifer Lopez is a massive Barbra Streisand fan. Lopez regularly wears the icon’s face as a $225 badge of honor across her chest, and when it comes to introducing her kids to the screen and stage’s greatest star (by far), she knows where to start: Funny Girl (presumably followed by Funny Lady, if she truly knows what’s up).

During a recent Zoom chat with Dua Lipa and Charlie XCX, Lopez opened up about actually meeting Streisand in the early 2000s, during part 1 of the Bennifer era.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck - "Daredevil" Premiere - Los Angeles
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

“I met her at an Oscar party, years ago, and I was at the time engaged to Ben Affleck, and she’s really into diamonds, which I didn’t know,” Lopez shared, dropping several gasp-inducing facts in quick succession. “He had given me a pink diamond, which got a lot of press and was whatever.” That 6.1 carat Harry Winston gem was factually quite the opposite of “whatever,” but Lopez quickly clarified her statement. “The things that become news are sometimes like … OK. I loved getting it, don’t get me wrong,” she said. “So, she came up to me, and like, she’s heard of it. I’m like, ‘Oh My God.’ And she’s like, ‘Can I see your ring?’ And she asked me about the ring, but then she asked me — and I thought it was so strange – about being famous, and how I handle it.” She (probably) responded with: “Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got. I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block.”

To be a very fancy fly on that wall …

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