By Christopher Luu
Updated Mar 04, 2019 @ 9:15 pm

A beach day doesn't usually involve a topcoat in winter white, but when you're Jennifer Lopez, just about everything is a little bit different (read: more glamorous).

During a trek out on the Malibu sands, Lopez topped off her look with a tailored overcoat, but she skipped the heels (we guess even triple-threat celebs can't avoid getting sand in their shoes). Lopez's plus-one is causing as much commotion as her unconventional beachwear, however, because it was the one and only Joanna Gaines.

The beloved HGTV star, in her usual down-to-earth style, kept things simple, style-wise. She had a messy half-bun and relaxed jeans that vibed with both the crashing waves and Lopez' laid-back barefoot outfit.

According to Entertainment Tonight, it wasn't just a friendly beach hang. Lopez was meeting with Gaines to talk about remodeling the Malibu beach house she and Alex Rodriguez just bought.

Jennifer Lopez JLO Joanna Gaines

"Joanna is going to help Jennifer remodel her home. Jennifer wanted to walk the space with Joanna in person, so they did so on Friday," a source told ET. "They're both extremely busy, but it's hard to do something like that without seeing the space."

It was a preliminary viewing, but it could be much more. The source added that it could be a huge project that Gaines will feature on her new network.

"It was really just an opportunity for them to walk the space together and for Joanna to hear Jennifer's vision for the space," the source continues. "There truly is no formal plan for any of the footage, but could possibly end up on the Gaines's new network."

The whole project is special for a lot of reasons. First, Lopez is a huge fan of Gaines and her show, Fixer Upper. Like just about anyone, she's not above binging. Plus, it's rare for Gaines and her crew to take on a project outside of Waco, Texas, where the show films. But Lopez made a case for Gaines to come help her out during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she casually mentioned that her beau Rodriguez surprised her with a Gaines reno for her beachfront property.

"I was like, 'Oh my god. Are you kidding me right now?'" Lopez said when Rodriguez surprised her with a FaceTime session with Gaines. "And I'm looking at him and I was like, 'You listen to me. Like, I love you. Like, you are so amazing.' It really blew me away. That to me is more romantic than anything."