By Faith Cummings
Updated Nov 10, 2017 @ 9:30 am

Jennifer Lopez's new single "Amor Amor Amor" is here!

The catchy tune featuring reggaeton star, Wisin is the second single from her forthcoming album, Por Prima Vez. And the lyrics definitely allude to her steamy romance with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez.

Translating to "love love love" the song is already brimming with passion! But then Lopez sings the chorus: "Cuando hacemos el amor/Amor, amor, amor/Vuelvo a la vida cuando toco tu cuerpo". That means "when we make love, I come back to life when I touch your body." Are we the only ones sweating right now?

Considering she and Rodriguez are big on PDA, we can't help but think the entire song is about him. Right?

Next up later today will be visuals for the song, which the Grammy Award winner teased on Instagram yesterday. With skintight denim and the NYC subway as a backdrop, the sneak peek is definitely giving us "Beat It" vibes and we're hear for it!

We've already pressed the download button. The verdict? We love, love, love it.