By Kim Peiffer
Updated Nov 22, 2015 @ 12:00 pm
Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

When we found out that Jennifer Lopez was hosting the American Music Awards, we were beyond excited for many reasons. J.Lo has always been absolutely stunning, but in the past couple years, the mom of two somehow continues to get hotter with each passing day.

There’s no doubt that she reaps the benefits of eternal youth thanks to her healthy lifestyle and lifelong commitment to working out, but it’s also impossible to deny the fact that the star has taken things to a new level since working with fitness expert Tracy Anderson.

How did the American Idol star ramp up her routine to look host-ready for the AMAs? We went straight to Anderson for the details. “Jennifer is the true definition of a working focused mommy with endless talent that crosses into so many different mediums!” Anderson tells InStyle. “She didn't have the time to have long workouts with all of the things she is doing right now. She is very physically connected to herself and we have been working together a long time so she is really always ready for anything. We did zone in on the food a bit so she could fuel super clean with the demanding schedule she has.”

Anderson supported the star’s insanely busy schedule with continuing Lopez’s regular hour-long Tracy Anderson Method workouts and amped things up a step further by designing her food program two weeks out. "She already has the most beautiful skin on the planet so since I love for people to shine as bright as can be it was a lot of fresh organic cantaloupe carrot juice, grilled salmon, well paired veggies and my wellness shake. And of course a dairy, nut and soy free chocolate gets worked in too, always.”

But at the end of the day, for J.Lo it’s all about maintaining that glow-inducing lifestyle. “Her goals are always consistent. To be healthy, connected to herself, and balanced,” Anderson says. Well, it certainly shows.