Her whole family makes an appearance.

By Christopher Luu
Jan 29, 2019 @ 9:45 pm

Now that he's not officially on any roster, Alex Rodriguez is leaning into a new side hustle: his YouTube channel. But the content's not just about sports, if his first video is any indication. "Welcome to My Life" really does welcome the viewer into his life — which means there's plenty of footage of Jennifer Lopez.

J.Lo is doing her part to be a good GF, too, using her social platforms to push her own followers to take a peek at A-Rod's first post. She teased the show on her Instagram Story, which showed footage of the entire Lopez crew in addition to some sweet couple-y moments between Rodriguez and Lopez. Of course, there was a clip of the two of them working out side-by-side. The couple that works out and detoxes together stays together, right?

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A-Rod promises plenty of personal stories, some sweet nostalgia from his days on the diamond, and inspiration for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and sports hopefuls. But let's be real, we're here for J.Lo. There's black-and-white footage of her wrapped in Rodriguez's famous arms, clips of the kiddos playing with the couple, and just the whole fam lounging around on the couch. And speaking of the lounge situation, there's plenty of real estate porn on offer, too. With aerial shots of Rodriguez's estate, private jets, and diamond-festooned timepieces, it's like a combination of Lopez fan service, Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, and a little bit of Tony Robbins and ESPN thrown in for good measure.