Is This the Most Extra Workout Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Have Ever Done?

We love ourselves a Hollywood couple that's not afraid to be a little ~extra,~ so obviously Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez rank at the tip top of our favorites list. J.Lo and A-Rod rang in the New Year like most resolution-focused folks: with a hardcore workout.

The difference between a normal person's Jan. 1 #fitspiration Instagram and J.Rod's? Theirs has bonus level production value and Lopez's new track "Limitless" blasting in the background. Very casual, guys.

The whole thing kicked off with shots of the gym, Rodriguez, and Lopez fading into one another (in case you forgot they were #extra), so clearly this was going to be good.

As Lopez's song "Limitless" (appropriately from her movie Second Act) worked up to the chorus, the couple amped up their chest and back workouts even more. It's pretty much all the fitspo you need for 2019.

"The grind never stops," Rodriguez wrote in the caption, in case that wasn't clear enough from the vid. "What are you going to make of 2019?"

Probably not being a gym beast to the sound of my own track, in all honesty. But hey, a gal can dream.

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