Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Swap Outfits in a Hilarious "Flip the Switch" TikTok Video

They did it for the meme. 

When it comes to having fun as a couple, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez know just how to let loose.

The pair crafted a hilarious TikTok video together that found them pulling off a very unexpected "fashion moment": swapping clothing in the name of one of the platform's biggest memes at the moment.

Rodriguez posted a side-splitting clip of the couple's handiwork to Twitter on Sunday evening (March 8), which first found him clad in a navy sports blazer, crisp white shirt, and sunglasses. He stood in front of the mirror with his phone raised, ready to film. J.Lo waited behind him, dancing to Drake's "Nonstop" in a cream sweater dress and belt, her hair pulled back in a tight updo.

As part of the recent TikTok "flip the switch" meme, J.Lo got her turn to dance to the tune until Drake reached the "switch" lyric. Then, the tables suddenly turned. After a quick edit, Lopez was then clad in her fiancé's outfit, complete with sunglasses, filming in the mirror. Rodriguez was then wearing J.Lo's dress – or, at the very least, something similar.

A-Rod then worked it out to the song, stoically recording while her man got down in the background. It's positively glorious.

"Late night tik toks @JLo 😂 #WaitForIt," Rodriguez captioned his post. Honestly, who knew he was such a good dancer? Hopefully this isn't the last we see of the pair indulging in some of TikTok's hottest trends. This is exactly the kind of wholesome content we all needed on a Monday morning – or anytime, for that matter.

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