Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Kids Are Too Cute Together in This Instagram

It's official: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez and their kids are one big happy family. The proof? J.Lo's most recent Instagram, and, yes, our hearts are melting.

In the adorable photo she posted, her daughter Emme, 9, and his younger daughter Ella, 9, snuggle up to A-Rod on one side while he holds her son Max, 9, in his lap with his older daughter Natasha, 12, on the other side. Everyone looks very happy, but no one looks nearly as thrilled as Rodriguez who has a huge smile on his face. "This... 💞," Lopez captioned the photo.

While blending families can be tough, it seems that Lopez and Rodriguez have hit it out the park. All summer they've had plenty of dual family time. Thanks to their Instgram posts that they've shared, we've seen the families playing by the pool, Rodriguez's daughter has singing for J.Lo, and most recently, everyone celebrating their parents' birthdays. Can we be a part of these families, please?

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