They watched the movie together for the first time last weekend.


He's seen her sing, he's seen her act, and he's seen her dance, but Alex Rodriguez didn't get a chance to see Jennifer Lopez in action in Hustlers until the flick premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. At a recent talk at New York's The Wing, Lopez explained that she was on edge the entire time during that first screening because she didn't know how he'd react to seeing her take to the pole and perform as a stripper.

"Alex is sitting next to me and I'm wondering what he's thinking. Is this OK or are we fighting later?" she said. "It could go either way. This could be good, really great. I could be having the best night of my life right now or the worst."

Lopez hasn't been shy about promoting the movie on her social media channels, which have included plenty of trailers and clips, but it seems that A-Rod never got to catch any of behind-the-scenes action. Lopez didn't have anything to worry about, however, because the movie seemed to get the right kind of reaction.

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"At the end of it, people start clapping and I was like, literally, I had a knot in my stomach and I was just woozy," Lopez added.

Lopez opened up about her own hustle, too. She explained that at the beginning of her career, she had no connections and no idea how to even navigate the entertainment industry. She spoke about overcoming her own struggles to finally catch a break — and encouraged anyone with a dream to do the same.

"At that time, I was learning how to dance, I had fallen in love with dance and was doing it every day. My mom was at odds with me and she threw me out of the house. She was like, 'Enough with the dancing stuff. You're crazy. Go to college.' I had dropped out. It was a lot of stuff," Lopez said. "How do I pay the rent? Where am I going to live? What am I going to do? Out of that necessity, you figure it out. You have to just do it. You have to just go out every day and do what you do and find a path in. If you're tenacious if you work hard enough you'll find a way. That's what I had to create. I had to create the life that I wanted to live."