By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated: Jul 05, 2018 @ 1:42 pm

We interrupt the cacophony of terrible news to bring you a nice breather. Imagine this: You’re gently sailing on boat. You kick your feet up and feel the waves roll under you, your family by your side. The sun is out, and someone presses play on a new Jennifer Lopez single "Dinero," making you happy enough to actually leap up and dance. If only you knew choregraphy.

But wait, your dad is actually dating Jennifer Lopez, so she’s literally right there to help you out.

It may seem like an admittedly strange pipe dream, but such is life for Alex Rodriguez’s fortunate 13-year-old daughter Natasha, who teamed up with J.Lo herself for some family choreo in a sweet home video that A-Rod posted over the weekend.

Really, what better way to learn how to dance like Jennifer Lopez than by getting up and dancing with Jennifer Lopez. The singer and World of Dance judge took Natasha on as her impromptu student while casually chilling on a boat, and she seems to keep up extraordinarily well. Guess athleticism runs in the family.

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Instagram/Alex Rodriguez

With such a sweet and wholesome video to remind us that not everything has gone to the dogs, let's keep our fingers crossed for more family duets from the Lopez-Rodriguez clan in the future.