Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt LEAD
Credit: Matthias Nareyek/WireImage

Who knew Chris Pratt had such a knack for the German language?

Jennifer Lawrence and her Passengers co-star are currently on a world press tour to promote their upcoming sci-fi film, and during a recent stop in Berlin it seems as if the actress learned something new about her friend—that he can speak German quite well. During a sit-down interview with the entertainment website Bild, Pratt got the chance to put his impressive skill to good use, and the look on Lawrence's face as she watches it all go down is completely priceless.

The actress is visibly shocked when Pratt begins speaking in German, and watches in awe as he talks to the reporter.

"That's very impressive. I don't even know what he's doing," Lawrence said when he was finished.

"This is called another language," Pratt hilariously replied. "German."

Watch the video below beginning at about the 1:10 mark, and prepare to be amazed.

Our jaws would drop too, Jennifer Lawrence.